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Coffee  N

 - Cafe & Bakery - 

...Because Life is Bananas...

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About Our Magical Little Shop...

Prayer, fantasy, and insanity.  The 'bananas' in Coffee N Bananas represents the 'other' in what you might consider normalcy.  The shop owners never set out to open a coffee shop, but through an arduous and interesting journey they continue to further the story day by day with the help of those in the community.  You'll never know it all until you talk to them.  Ask for Becky, chat, and maybe she'll tell you some of the tales of how this little cafe came to be and before you know may also be a part of it all in some small or large way...until then ;)


Freshly Made Gourmet
Baked Goods

These are not your grandma's cookies.  These are not your convenience store donuts.  These aren't even you're other bakery staples...these are BETTER.  Made by the owner herself, every baked good is a result of learning the skill from only the best and honing in on creating quality treats for you to enjoy...come get one...tell us we're wrong after you experience a signature scone melting in your mouth... 


Feel Great By Trying Our REAL Fruit


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